Water Water Everywhere

At times inspections can be like following a trail, only in reverse. We normally see the end of the trail and have to follow it to the origin. Most of the time it doesn't matter what we're tracking. It could be insects, leak in the plumbing system, or water intrusion from the outside, they all leave a trail.
Here is the end of one trail or the beginning of the track.

water trail This is the end of the trail, water in the garage that had been standing.  The  black marks on the baseboard are indicative of mold.

Now lets follow this water to its' origin.

front left corner As we can see here, the water coming out of the downspout is running right back to the foundation.  The concrete is sloped toward the house so that's where the water goes.  It isn't glaringly evident here but the water in the garage is coming under the door and through the foundation.  If the water from the downspout was carried away from the house there would probably be no algae, mold or water stains.  Really seems too simple doesn't it.

Now the damage is done and it is going to cost a bit to repair.  Then the owner still has to carry the water away from the house.


Jack Gilleland

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