I Only Wanted to Help

Anyone who has looked at my website knows that I give either free or almost free inspections to returning service men and women.  
With this in mind I want to say that I lost an inspection job today for one of our returning vets because of my price.  Meeting all criteria for a free inspection I informed them that there would be no charge for the inspection.  That made the cell phone go silent for a time, I thought the call had been dropped.  Finally, the person came back on line and said that they could pay for the service.  I, very confused, explained that I don't charge returning vets for inspections, my way of saying thanks.  The only charge I have ever had for military returning from service was for a reinspect (only because it was 40 miles to the inspection). 
I want to reiterate, any returning military personnel (from anywhere outside the US) that are buying a home, your inspection from me is no charge (within 40 miles of Clayton, OH).  No strings.  If milage is extensive I will ask for $20 to $40 for gas and travel.  That's it.
This will be posted on my website and some other areas where it can get the maximum exposure. 

Jack Gilleland 

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