A Trap Primer

No this is not a way for critters to learn how to avoid traps (Maybe next Blog). This is for all the home owners out there that don't know what that extra tube is running to your floor drain.
Floor Drain 1


A trap primer might be from any drain in the house. Most commonly the condensation line from the Air Conditioning coil is used, but lacking that a line from the laundry tub is used, if available. If nothing is readily available a cold water dip is used, although, I don't personally like this method due to the waste of water.
Floor Drain Primer 2


None of this actually means you have a primer at all. In many places they are not required and subsequently traps do dry out. To avoid this happening take a quart of water and pour it in the floor drain. I realize this is not a hi-tech solution, but it is very effective, and almost anyone is qualified.

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