Radon Testing

In an effort to offer the best home inspection services in Dayton and the surrounding area Home Inspection Services, Clayton has partnered with a Radon Testing and Mitigation Service that has few equals. Why reinvent the wheel when Don Somers is available.   Midwest Radon Services is a Licensed testing and mitigation service that is a honest and service oriented firm concerned with your safety and health. You may contact Don directly or call us to set up a complete Inspection Portfolio to fit your needs.

(937) 270-2144

Radon testing License #RS-165         Radon Mitigation License #RC-129
Don has been operating as a licensed radon tester since 2006. He possesses the best state of the art equipment to ensure an accurate and reliable test. Timely on site reports are available for those that are in that, all to common, "closing crunch". Of course, the report can be emailed to the client immediately instead of receiving it on-site. Call Don for a detailed explanation of the services offered.
Phone: 937-231-3930                                         email: somersd@sbcglobal.net