Rental Inspections

Rental or Lease Inspections

A rental inspection is the easy way to protect yourself.  Having photos of the rental property by a third party documents the condition of the property when you take occupancy.  This one step eliminates much of the worry about the return of your deposit when you vacate the premises.  This service also includes a visual inspection of the condition of the property and consultation concerning possible problems.  We look for the appropriate smoke detectors, leaks, plumbing problems, heating and cooling problems.
Photos of your apartment, condo, or house are saved on mirrored disk, CD (one kept at Home Inspection Services and the second given to the client), and the last copy is backed-up to the Internet.  Being kept in four places makes loss of this important data virtually impossible.  The data will be kept for 5 years or until you no longer live in that location. 
To schedule an inspection or inquire more about the benefits of this valuable service call (937) 270-2144